Steller Sea Lion

Steller Sea Lion



Decemer 29, 2015 –  Alysha Elsby and Victoria Souze went by WDFW boat to Point Roberts to examine this Steller Sea Lion. Four new trained responders met us to assist in the necropsy. We brought the head back with us to Bellingham.  He was old and big: 13 feet, 10 inches. His blubber layer was thin and he was full of parasites. Unfortunately, once the head was x-rayed we found a bullet lodged in his skull. 



Amethysts would not have made it another day on the beach. He was emaciated and dehydrated.

Amethyst would not have made it another day on the beach. He was emaciated and dehydrated.

Amethyst and his tank mate swimming free.

Amethyst and his tank mate swimming free.












In late August a call came in: there was a seal pup on a beach up in Point Roberts. We didn’t have any responders in Point Roberts. It is an isolated peninsula of the USA that juts out of Canada and is part of Whatcom County. You have to drive through Canada to get there, so there are two border crossings. Or go by boat. Marine wildlife cannot be taken across the border. Alysha Elsby, a trained responder and also the Director of Wildlife Rescue and Rehab here in Whatcom County was able to take the call. Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife took her up the next day on their boat. By the time she got there, the pup was in bad shape. She immediately gave it fluids and then put it in a kennel cage for the boat ride back to Bellingham. Fortunately, park employee Monty Pruss (who is now a certified trained responder) knew a little bit about seal pup stranding protocol. He kept an eye on the pup until Alysha could get there and kept the public at bay. The pup was taken to Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rescue and Rehab on San Juan Island. Wolf Hollow has the only facilities in the area to take in seal pups. Amethyst began his intensive rehab care in preparation to be returned to the wild. October 15th Amethyst was released.



Interesting news article on a porpoise rescue shown on KIRO TV.

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“The Honeysuckle Story” is now available for download from YouTube.

Check it out!

Honeysuckle was an abandoned harbor seal pup recovered by the Whatcom Marine Mammal Stranding Network on Lummi Island and rehabilitated at the Wolf Hollow Rehab Center near the town of Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, Washington. The SeaDoc Society tagged Honeysuckle along with two other seal pups with satellite tags to see where they went after release. Honeysuckle surprised us!